Summer Bucket List 2017

I’m very good at saying I’m going to do something and then never doing it. In fact, at this point it’s basically my modus operandi. So, this summer, I’m going to try and not do that. Or at least do it a little less. In pursuit of that goal, I’m making a list and posting where all of approximately nobody will notice it, in the hopes that I finish said goals.


One: Working on My Reading List.

I’ve mentioned “52 in 2017” a few times now, but it bears repeating. Reading 52 books in a year isn’t really a hard goal for me, but if I don’t outline what I’m going to read, it’s gonna be trash. Not that YA isn’t good in its own right, but I’ve got to learn how to read at a higher level, and more quickly, especially as I’m heading into my senior year of school. Yay, Shakespeare.


Two: Watching Some Sherlock. And Documentaries. Or Something.

I’ve got an awful attention span when it comes to watching screens, which isn’t necessarily bad, but I can’t watch TV shows. So I’m going to try and watch a few things I’ve been meaning to get caught up on: BBC Sherlock (which is kind of a TV show but it’s movie length?) and a metric ton of documentaries. A few movies, too, maybe. If I can force myself to sit still for long enough, I’d like to try out Bob’s Burgers and few other shows that I’ve heard so much about, but I’m not sure how that will work out.


Three: Get a Job.

College is coming. Far too soon, in my personal opinion. And it turns out that college costs a lot of money. So I’ll be getting a summer job in the hopes of being able to buy a car and maybe, just maybe, actually be able to afford school. Or at least less debt.


Four: Finish Listening to Welcome to Night Vale.

Remember what I said about having no attention span when it comes to TV shows? The same thing happens for audio-only things like Welcome to Night Vale. I’m going to go through the first two seasons by reading the books, but after that, I’ll have to listen (and now I’m making it sound like a chore–it’s really not). If nothing else, I’ll have the cleanest bedroom in the state. I’m also so excited about their newest novel It Devours!


Five: Complete Camp NaNoWriMo.

I completed NaNoWriMo last year for the first time, and I’m interested in doing it again in July. This time around I’m thinking about doing something more like a short story cycle (somewhere between Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio and spy thriller), but I’m not sure yet. Either way, it’ll keep me actually writing fiction instead of Tumblr posts.


Six: Work On This Blog & My Other Projects.

I talk a lot about having a schedule for this blog, and I never seem to follow through. I’d like to make more of a habit of writing content appropriate for this blog, and moving back into writing proper fiction a bit more. I’ve been tending towards self-indulgent self-analysis recently, which isn’t necessarily the worst possible thing, but it’s certainly not ideal. I’m also seriously considering picking up writing some fanfiction (likely through a separate site), so that will be another thing to deal with. And, of course, I’m looking to try and get published (under my real name) and a few other things, so that will be an adventure! I’m not totally looking forward to lots of rejection letters…but it’ll be better than nothing at all.


Seven: College Applications & Building a Portfolio.

College is looming. And as much as I’m looking forward to it, I’m also kind of dreading it. It’s a big change, and it will likely mark a change in how I run this blog. But until I’m actually accepted, I’ll need to actually send out applications. Hooray, rejection! So that begins in August, and well into the school year. Since I want to study architecture, I’ll also have a fair amount of art projects to complete, which will be interesting, since I’m not a terribly good artist as far as putting pencil to paper goes, but I am pretty good at model building (basically anything–LEGO to printer paper). I want to learn some paper quilling and paper cutting, as well as possibly work on a bigger costume-type project, but I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do.


Eight: Extensively Plan My Senior Year!

Senior photos. Buying semi-nice clothes since seniors don’t have to wear the school uniform every day. Getting school supplies together. Lots of stuff to do, basically, and as somebody who has to be organized so she doesn’t turn into a ball of anxiety shuffling through hundreds of papers, it’s probably even more work. I’m also considering bullet journaling my senior year (just because I think it will be fun…think being the primary word here).


Nine: Keep on Commonplacing.

I’ve always loved the idea of commonplacing, and I’d like to finish my current book (my second!) over the summer so I can get a new one next school year. It’s really forcing me to look for wisdom and advice in what I read, which I think has helped improve both my own reading skills as well as my mental state. There’s something rather comforting about reading literature, in the sense that it shows you that humans have been grappling the same problems for centuries. I really want to have a great senior year, since I won’t ever be in this situation, surrounded by these students and teachers, ever again. I’m not expecting it to be better than college or adulthood, but I certainly don’t want to squander it.



3 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 2017

  1. Good luck with all of your summer goals! I’m super excited for Camp Nanowrimo in July, so it’s awesome that you’ll be participating as well.

    I’m a fellow writer who’s new to blogging, and am very impressed by your blog. I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers.

    If you have the time, please check out my blog @breenysbooks. I’d love any feedback. Have a wonderful day.


    1. Hey! Sorry I’ve taken a while to respond–I’ve been without an internet connection for a while. I’m working on a blog post to fully answer my “tips for new bloggers” so I’ll have that finished in a bit.

      From what I’ve read of your blog, it’s good. You know what your style is, and you’re not afraid to talk about what you like and why you like and express that you like it with a level of genuineness (Is that a word? It should be a word.). You’re not afraid to make your blog personal and about things that matter to you instead of just about “whatever’s hot in the YA community” or something that google stats indicates will get you a lot of followers. You definitely talk about being a noob blogger a bit (not that it’s bad), but if I hadn’t scrolled down to see that your first post was in April 2017 I would never have guessed it. You’re comfortable with your form, and you’re definitely moving forward and getting better (not to say that you’re not good ofc). I’ve always thought that reviews were very hard to make “flow” well, and you’re not bad at it.

      Good luck on your blogging adventure!

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