I won’t try to make any grandiose claims about how great of a writer I am. I’m not. I’m just learning, trying to get better, to find a color of my own and a style that reflects that.

Thank you for listening.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting about page, changing fish tank water is a hobby? I never knew that :D. Thanks for you kind words on community pool on my blog, there are some music posts there too which you may (I hope) enjoy. Ill read a couple of your stories now.


    1. It feels like it some days…I have a seventy-five gallon fish tank, and it needs a 50% water change every two or three weeks (it would be every week if I had it fully stocked!). With a two gallon bucket, it’s quite a workout. Of course, I enjoy watching my fish, too.

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      1. That is an impressive fish tank, I do find fish relaxing, if I had a place to put a tank where I could sit and ponder what I like to ponder i’d have one myself.


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